If you haven't heard of Chicago Tool Library yet, here's your chance to get more than acquainted! CTL is a community nonprofit organization providing equitable access to tools, equipment, and information enabling Chicagoans to grow, improve, learn, share, and build.

CTL has officially opened their doors in Bridgeport, and we're celebrating in that hot, sticky DIY way that'll be quintessential Chicago summer vibes. It's been months in the making and we're excited AF to party with you all for this custom-built community effort.

As always, we #partywithapurpose. All proceeds from the evening will go to our star, Chicago Tool Library. Crisp and tasty beer from Lagunitas Beer is included with entry, as well as snacks from our friendly neighborhood Antique Taco! Live tunes from sexy Chicago bunch, Súbele, And a raffle featuring some excellent local artists and businesses.


Donations in tool form are also encouraged! Have some good ones that have been lying around since you bought em and only used once? CTL needs 'em! Here's a really nice and fun tool WISH LIST you can refer to on what's hot and what's not.

"The Chicago Tool Library will be a community lending institution like a book library but, instead of books, we will maintain a large inventory of tools and equipment from floor sanders to sewing machines for borrowing.

Like a book library, you will need to be a member of the Tool Library in order to borrow materials. Our memberships are priced on a sliding scale to ensure nobody is unable to access our tools and resources due to their financial status. Like a book library there will also be fees for late returns. Fees from memberships and late fines will allow us to staff the library with knowledgeable part-time employees, pay for purchasing and maintaining tools, and pay for our space.

We live in a city with wide income gaps and diverse living situations. A tool library can serve everyone from homeowners making improvements, to apartment-dwellers without the space to store bulky tools, to  community organizations without the funds to purchase rarely-used tools. Being a member of The Chicago Tool Library means having affordable access to every tool you might need to hang a painting, build a raised bed, tune up a bike, or hem a pair of pants. This isn't a workshop for expert craftspeople, this is a community resource hub for everyone."


Friday Aug 23
Meet Tessa & Jim of CTL
Party Hangs



August 23, 2019
$25 Suggested Donation

Inside Town
1954 S Troy Ave.

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